Terms and Conditions

Utilities: Except for water, sewer, & garbage collection, all utilities are the responsibility of the tenant. All units are separately metered. Each prospective tenant will need to present proof of utility hook-ups (Rocky Mountain Power & Questar Gas) to the main office before the keys will be given to the new tenant.

Income Verification: Employment verification forms need to be completed by your employer if you are employed, or if you are unemployed, unemployment forms are at the office. These need to be turned in at the time of application to be put on our waiting list. Employment verification is renewed on a yearly basis.

Roommates: Only tenants who sign a lease agreement with landlords may reside in apartment. Guest shall not stay for more than seven days.

No Smoking Rule: Smoking of tobacco or controlled substances by tenants or their guests is strictly prohibited at all times on the premises. If you smoke you must do so in your car or on the sidewalk.

Security Deposits: At time occupancy begins, tenant shall pay — along with the first month’s rent — a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. The deposit and first month’s rent for Studio tenants must be paid with cash or money order only. This deposit shall be held until tenant elects to end tenancy and thereafter shows compliance with vacating provisions of the lease. This means that all rent due has been paid and the unit is left clean and orderly upon tenant vacating. There will be an automatic deduction to shampoo the carpet upon vacancy. The carpets need to be left in a condition ready to shampoo (no dirt or litter).

Rental Subsidies: As indicated above, a number of the units rent for rates lower than similar units in the same complex. To qualify for rental subsidies, a tenant must provide information concerning anticipated income levels and sources for the coming 12-month period by completing an Income Eligibility form (a copy of which is included in this information packet). Upon meeting HUD-specified income criteria, the applicant becomes eligible for a “rent subsidized unit.” (For example, the 2014 income limit for a two-person household is $28,080.00) The number of available “rent subsidized units” is limited. Eligibility for a “rent subsidized unit” is not a guarantee of availability of a “rent subsidized unit.”

Lease Terms: Tenants are required to enter into a 6-month minimum lease. At the end of the 6 month period, the lease automatically goes month-to-month. Subleasing is permitted subject to pre-qualification & approval of the management. Each new tenant will need to return a properly signed lease before the keys to the apartment will be given to the lessee.

Renters Insurance: Tenants are responsible for insurance coverage for their own personal belongings.

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